Revered for her fresh, emotional, and spontaneous documentary-style images, Julie Skarratt treats every situation -- from a black tie gala to a small family gathering -- as an intimate one, putting her subjects in comfortable positions that allow her to work quickly and capture cherished happy memories. Being photographed by Julie is a personal experience: She works directly with every client to build the strong and lasting relationships needed to create the authentic, visceral images for which she is known.

Julie’s work exudes effortless elegance, providing a peek into a day in the life of each of her subjects and celebrating the places, people, and moments that tell a person’s story. She travels the world to photograph her subjects in their element, from a family home to a beloved destination. Her experience in front of the camera gives Julie an exceptional ability to read her subjects, both directing and following in such a way that coaxes out a woman’s stunning natural beauty or illustrates the love shared by two newlyweds. Every photograph is a moment captured in time, a beautiful image that quickly becomes a beloved memory.

Ariana Rockefeller

From the red carpet to private family celebrations, Julie is a joy to work with. She has captured some of my most treasured images, including a cover of Quest Magazine with my horse, Stuart, and a cherished photograph of my family. Julie has a clear vision and always helps her subjects to shine from the inside out.

-       Ariana Rockefeller


Julie Skarratt has an eagle eye for fashion, energy, and passion. I have been fortunate enough to be captured by her lens over the years, and she has portrayed me in a beautiful light that I didn’t know existed.

-       Deborah Roberts

Deborah Roberts
Hilary & Bryant Gumbel

In addition to being an ever-friendly face on the red carpet, Julie has, over the years, become a family friend. Warm and gracious, one could easily think she made her living in front of the camera, but her talent is as impressive as her persona. Even our dogs were charmed as they posed for her. She is simply the best!

-       Hilary and Bryant Gumbel


Julie Skarratt’s photographs are exceptional -- not just because of her technical skill, which is exquisite, but because of her remarkable ability to make her subjects feel at ease in front of the camera. With genuine warmth and sparkling wit, Julie makes you feel truly beautiful, and that feeling radiates through every one of her photographs.

-       Thelma Golden, Director and Chief Curator
The Studio Museum in Harlem

Thelma Golden

When Julie Skarratt needs a break from being one of the top wedding photographers on the planet, she leaves the world of tuxedos and wedding gowns behind and runs away with us to Margaritaville. She has shot album covers, publicity shots, my website, and restaurant décor -- and even got my stage wipeout in Sydney on film. Simply put, Julie is a pro, and great company to boot. She is welcome in our carnival world anytime.

-       Jimmy Buffett


Julie never takes a bad picture. She always manages to capture a happy moment, disarming her subjects with her warmth, beauty, and genuine love of people and faces.

-       Jill Kargman

Jill Kargman
Wynton Marsalis

Julie is a consummate professional. She has a keen and discriminating eye, and is drawn to the most human of moments -- while remaining completely unobtrusive. She is an absolute joy to work with, because for Julie, the photo is always the priority, not the fact of her taking it. A true star.

-       Wynton Marsalis


Julie has photographed the most intimate moments of our life as a family: Our wedding in Germany, a birthday weekend in Tuscany, and our daughter’s baptism in Paris. She is not only an incredibly talented photographer, but also a beautiful, creative person who easily adapts to changing environments. An absolute professional, Julie manages to be present in the most private moments without ever intruding. Like a trusted friend, she is always smiling, engaging, and enthusiastic. Her calm, watchful eye has accompanied so many of our most important family moments, capturing memories that will forever be etched in our hearts.

-       Shirin von Wulffen & Frédéric Fekkai

Shirin von Wulffen & Frederic Fekkai